Booties in Sand

$40.00 USD

Available in two sizes, 0-9M (3.7" long by 2.4" wide) and 9-15M (4.1" long by 2.6" wide)

Fabric & Care

Made from 100% Italian Merino Wool

Merino wool has self-cleaning properties, therefore it is not necessary to wash these. Please note that pilling will occur during the first few wears. This is not a defect and the pilling should stop after they have been worn enough times.

About the Brand

Caroline and Steven of HVID, believe in a different approach of producing. Bringing family knitwear for everyday wear and use, small scale and locally made in Belgium.

By offering core knit items in a classic color palette continuously throughout the whole year, they can maintain a low stock and only knit what they need, avoiding leftover and waste. Their heirloom products are treasures that you will want to keep forever.