Daisy (6.5 months) wears the Spring Romper in Yellow Check. (Image provided by Taylor Gumm)


We can't get over how cute Taylor's kids and these photos she took of them on a lovely spring day at her family home in Texas. We also had the pleasure of getting to know Taylor a little more to find out what inspired her to pick up a professional camera and start taking photos of not only her own family but other families in her community.


Oaken (4.5) wears the 2-1 Tee in Khaki and the Sonny Straight Jean in Dark Stonewash. Little brother Gideon (3), wears the Bowen Workwear Chino in Ecru. (Image provided by Taylor Gumm)


Taylor shares how she got her start with us — "I picked up a camera for the first time in 2021. I have always been creative- painting, drawing, music, it was always in my life. But I has put aside creativity in my early 20s for the sake of getting a higher paying job. I met my husband and we got married when I was 25. I had my first baby boy in 2019 when I was 26 and then another 1.5 years later. I was a stay at home mom of 2, and a desire to start creating again was burning within me. I started to paint a bit, but it was not super doable with two under two…no mom has 4 hours of me time at that stage lol. And it’s messy!"


(Image provided by Taylor Gumm)

"So I felt stuck and was praying and asking God about what I could do to feed the creative hunger. I had two days in a row during my prayer/laundry hour where I kept seeing a camera. I thought it was odd because I’d never even held a camera as an adult. But it was such a strong feeling I had that I called my husband, told him about it, and he was all in on me me buying a camera. As soon as it came, I voraciously read at night after the kids slept on how to use it, and in August of 2021 I picked up the camera and started taking it around with us as we went about our day, documenting life with my boys."


(Image provided by Taylor Gumm)

"I instantly fell in love with being able to capture the everyday wonder- the little moments. Their chunky hands in the sunlight. Their little faces they made when they play or read a book. The little idiosyncrasies that made them them. It was intoxicating, and I very quickly became obsessed with documenting. I had a few friends notice and ask me if I would be willing to shoot their kiddos, and it went from there and became the life long passion I look forward to passing down."


Daisy wears the Cotton Spring Cardigan and her mom's vintage denim sun hat. (Image provided by Taylor Gumm)


Now that the weather is getting a little warmer, what are some activities you like to do with the kids?

"We love to play in the backyard, go on “adventure drives” and do crafts. We dance a lot. And wrestle. My oldest loves to make up stories, and my middle son is quite the artist. Both of them are just always creating. They recently became obsessed with the nutcracker over Christmas and have memorized with impressive accuracy the battle scene choreography with the mouse king and like to reenact it in the living room for an audience."

Oaken wears a classic denim on denim look in our Trucker Jacket and Sonny Straight Jean, both in Dark Stonewash. (Image provided by Taylor Gumm)


Tell us your favorite spring items your kids are wearing this season (could be from us or other staples you love).

"The boys are constantly playing outside, so light and layer-able is key…and sturdy enough to keep having to clean. They both actually love their new Sonny jeans. That Jean jacket is perfect because it is light and flexible enough to wear comfortably. They also have a lot of vintage wear as my mom kept all my clothes and I had many heirloom unisex pieces of outerwear."


(Image provided by Taylor Gumm)

All images were taken at Taylor's husbands family home in Texas as they prepare to transition over to their new home in Nashville. Find more of Taylor's work here.