Welcome the newest addition to our family of baby brands, BaYíRi. A collection of baby knits we are completely obsessed with.

High quality knits lovingly crafted with organic cotton yarns from Italy, and designed to be treasured for years to come. Because it's all made by a small Spanish family-owned factory, you know it's made with care. So go ahead,dress them up and take 'em out - your little one will look so cute in this collection.


Baby model wears the Sun Pullover Knit Sweater in Night Blue and the


This collection was inspired by two very important celestial objects, the sun and the moon. These objects that define our daily routines, help us keep track of time, influence our behavior and inspire us.
One thing we've learned with having a new baby is that their circadian rhythm's are complete opposite of ours in the beginning. Meaning they are awake at night and sleep through the day. Not ideal. But one thing we found that helped reset their rhythm's was spending time outside, during the day for short periods at a time.
Plus mama can benefit from that good old Vitamin D. One thing's for sure, this collection inspires us to get ready for warmer days ahead! You can'tgo wrong with any  of these beautiful heirloom pieces.


This sweet baby is wearing the Moon Kimono Knit Jacket in Sunny Yellow, the
laying on the Double Sun Allover Knitted Blanket in Milk -- perfect for a
nursery statement piece or baby shower gift!